Sweet Pickins Milk Paints Info.

Are you looking for the perfect paint, that isn't toxic, goes on like luscious butter and looks like a million bucks?

Sweet Pickins paint is that paint and we now offer Sweet Pickins Milk Paint to you for your own projects.


You can also ask for our knobs and pulls to be painted to match the colors you use. Exciting to think of all the possibilities you could come up with.
Order your paint along with your knobs and it will all arrive together and be ready for you when you start the next project.

You can mix and match them if you like.

Send me an e-mail and I will create a custom order just for you.


Tell me you seen me on my web page.


(This line has been discontinued in our stores, so supplies are limited.  You can get more colors and supplies at SweetPickins.com)

 Milk Paint


Our Milk Paint is environmentally safe

and non-toxic. There is a slight milky

odor when it is applied, but it is

completely odorless when dry.

Paint comes in a powder form and must

be mixed with water. Each package is

6 oz. powder and when mixed, makes

1 pint. Also available in 12 oz packages

which mix up to be a quart.

The deep rich colors of Milk Paint

authentically reflect those colors found

on existing antique furniture and buildings.

Our paint is made in small batches, using

earth pigments. Modern paints cannot

compare with the colors and the texture

of the finish for achieving the “old” or “country
look” of Colonial or Shaker furniture and

interiors. And, like the paints used hundreds

of years ago, the colors in our Milk Paint will

not fade.

Many variations in color can be easily achieved.

You can add white to lighten colors or black to

darken them. Colors can easily be mixed to create

your own custom colors. Milk Paint will produce

an antique uneven matte surface when first applied.

You can also create a semi-gloss look by simply

burnishing the painted surface.

We package Milk Paint in a dry powder form

allowing you to control the thickness of the paint

for use as either a wash/stain, full cover coat, or

for stenciling.

Using Milk Paint over previously painted or finished

pieces without adding the Extra Bond, it may result

in an authentic chippy look. To have more control

over “chipping” add our Extra Bond to the 1st coat

of paint.

Milk paint can be top coated with any product that

you would normally use when painting, such as wax,

polyurethane, tung oil, etc. To protect milk paint from

water spots, it must be top coated.

Full instructions on how to use our paint are included

in packaging.

• No lead, no chemical preservatives, no fungicides

• Contains no hydrocarbons or any other petroleum


• Milk paint is made from milk protein, lime, clay,

and earth pigments such as ochre, umber, iron oxide,

lampblack, etc.

• 100% VOC free

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