Price List for Door Knobs and Pulls

Are you looking for fashionable, trendy art design for your home's decor? ♥♥♥ Then you have come to the right place.

Kimberly takes great care in making the best Door Pulls and custom designed items for you.

Using her own art, plus designs from other avenues makes for a lot of fun choices.  

You can mix and match to make the set that fits your personal decor.


 Door Knobs


(Shown Above)


Singles  1 .................................  $6.50
More than 1..........................     $5.00  ea


There are 3 sizes I offer:

1.50 inches

1.75 inches and 

2. inches diameter and attach easily with a screw ( included).


Each knob is made of wood. Each is painted and decoupaged with high quality art prints. Each one is coated in a layer of high gloss sealer, then a high gloss medium is used on the front of each that covers them more than 100 coats of sealer could. This makes the designs very durable.

If you like the design, but would prefer a different color on the base, please contact me. I will make what ever color you need, as long as it is something I would have access to myself.



Back Plates.............................  $4.50 ea



Each plate is circular or square, and are 1.8 in thick by 3in. by 3 in. across.

Each back plate will fit all the door knobs I offer.


You can choose the design that matches your knob or knobs. Order a plate for each knob and you have a great new design for a dresser or favorite piece of furniture. The new design also lets you screw them right into your wall for hanging pictures or jewelry n such on any wall.

Back Plates
Drawer Pulls


Drawer Pulls are very custom.  They are not offered in a large variety and are decided upon by the customer and Kimberly for price and style.  While offering pulls they are offered on wood surfaces only and when they are available for purchase in the quantity needed.  The styles shown are only available when the pulls themselves are available to purchase.

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