• Cork Bella Vintage -White Pearl White Heart

    Cork Bella Vintage -White Pearl White Heart
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      Cork Bella Vintage -White Pearl White Heart is ONE OF A KIND decorative cork ornament.
      Made with an original Cline wine cork. White Pearl White Heart has a 13 in. leather cord, and measures approx. 18 inches total length. Buttons on top and bottom are black and gray. Silver finding on top and bottom of the top and in between are a crystal studded round and a small white pearl style bead. The cork itself has a silver and pearl ring that is attached in the back by two more smaller white beads. The ring had a raised design that shows the pearl prominently. Under the bottom button is a silver and iridescent white heart dangling. Truly one of a kind.

      Each designed piece has an original cork from a real wine bottle; adorned with beautiful items from vintage past or that are one of a kind pieces that have been re-purposed in making the most of each piece. They take a bit of time to complete as we look for just the right pieces for your new finds.
      They are absolute chic on your own wine bottles, on lamps or on a vanity. I have placed my favorite on my car mirror so I see it every day. I love it!
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