• Clearanced Supreme Soft Wax (Dark)

    Supreme Soft Wax (Dark)
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      Our soft wax is the perfect wax for protecting your milk painted pieces. Because the wax is soft, it makes it so easy to use. Wax goes on soft but then dries to hard protective coating. The wax can be buffed to a high shine if desired.
      – After you have completed your painting with Sweet Pickins Milk Paint, light sand your piece to smooth out the milk paint and remove any chips that may have flaked off during drying.
      – Its best to apply the wax with a wax brush so you can get into all the nooks and crannies of the piece as well as making it easier to get a nice, even coat. Work in sections as the wax dries quickly. Remember, a little wax goes a long way and you only need a very thin coat. This 16 oz tin should last you through several projects.
      – After you have applied your wax in a section, wait about 3 minutes and then buff to desired sheen level with a soft lint free cloth.
      – You can apply more coats if you would like a higher sheen.
      – If you are applying a dark wax, you must 1st use the clear wax.
      – If your wax is cold, take out a small amount and put in a microwave safe container and cover. Heat until wax is soft, it will be easier to work with. You can also leave the wax out in the sun to liquefy the wax, a lot of people prefer using the wax as a liquid. But remember, once the wax has liquified, it will not go back to a solid state.
      – You can also thin your wax with mineral spirits to use as more of a glaze, the spirits will evaporate just leaving the wax behind on your furniture.
      – To clean your brushes of the wax, use our Little White Lye brush cleaner. – If your piece gets scratched, simply apply a small amount of wax on that part and rebuff.
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